A-OK! Project Mercury Updated With Improved Cloud Rendering

YOU ARE GO! has released an update for A-OK! The Wings of Mercury, bringing it to version A-OK is a space simulation app designed after the first American space program, Project Mercury. The update features improved cloud rendering and expanded joystick compatibility. According to YOU ARE GO!:

YOU ARE GO! has released A-OK! The Wings of Mercury 3.0.2 for Mac OS X. An upgrade for the Mac OS 9 version has also been released.

A-OK! The Wings of Mercury opens a new frontier in computer simulations. The operation of every gauge, light and switch in the spacecraft is simulated to a high degree of fidelity. So accurate are the spacecraft systems that users consult reproductions of the actual flight documentation used by the Mercury astronauts.

These versions incorporate some improvements in cloud rendering and reduce mission start up time by 95%. The Mac OS X version supports 3D HID-compatible joysticks.

You can find more information about the A-OK! The Wings of Mercury update at the REAL Software Web site. The A-OK updates are free for registered users, while the full versions are available for US$59.95.