A.G. Edwards Says Apple Is Least Likely To Be Hurt By Terrorist Attacks

On24 released an interview with A.G. Edwards analyst Brett Miller yesterday afternoon in which Mr. Miller had many good things to say about Appleis stock. The analyst has released a research note on Apple and said the company was the PC company that was least likely to be impacted by "recent events," a euphemism for last weekis terrorist attacks on the US. Mr. Miller cited Appleis small market share as being favorable for the stock because of the lack of volatility associated with being small. He also said he liked the companyis valuation, strong cash position, and operating margins.

His biggest concern for Apple is consumer spending, but he said that the release of Mac OS X 10.1 should free up hardware sales that have been waiting for the new OS. He also said that the companyis strong cash position should help offset any uncertainty that might result from a US military campaign.

You can listen to the full interview with Mr. Miller through On24. It is a good listen.

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