AAPLTalk Joins TMO With Mac System Shootouts

Many of our readers are familiar with AAPLTalk.com, the site that hosted the AAPLTalk System Shootouts. We are pleased to announce that Charles Gaba, the master of AAPLTalk, known as BlueDjinn in the TMO forums, has joined TMOis staff, and is bringing the AAPLTalk System Shootouts with him. To kick off that fact, we are publishing five new shootouts and a comparison chart of Appleis current portable line.

US$3,000 Laptop System Shootout
US$2,300 Laptop System Shootout
US$1,600 Laptop System Shootout
US$1,300 Laptop System Shootout
US$1,000 Laptop System Shootout
Apple Laptop Comparison Chart

The AAPLTalk System Shootouts compare Appleis Mac line to Wintel equivalents at the same price. These easy to read charts spell out exactly what features each system does, and doesnit, have. Areas of focus include hardware features (RAM, Drive, AirPort, etc.), included software, display, weight, warranty, other tech specs, the online buying experience, and more. They are in-depth, and include a lot of information.

Todayis shootouts cover Appleis portable line from the entry level iBook to the new high-end PowerBook G4 (TiBook) with a built-in SuperDrive. Each unit is compared to Wintel laptops that cost the same amount of money. Those who say Appleis product line is too expensive need to see how well these portables fare when truly compared. The AAPLTalk System Shootouts are designed to give you enough information to form your own opinion, and we strive to keep them fair, balanced, and unbiased. Your mileage may vary.

We have admired the System Shootouts since Charles Gaba first introduced them at AAPLTalk last year. We are pleased that he is now working with TMO to continue producing the series, and we extend a warm welcome to him into the TMO family.

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