ABSYNTH Update Features Dual Processor Support

NATIVE INSTRUMENTS has released an update for ABSYNTH, bringing it to version 1.3.3. ABSYNTH is a virtual synthesizer designed for creating custom sounds ranging from organics noises to rhythms. The update features performance enhancements including dual processor support in VST and bug fixes. According to NATIVE INSTRUMENTS:

The ABSYNTH 1.3.3 update for Mac is now available.

As a benchmark for the future of soft-synths, the powerful semi-modular architecture and clean interface of ABSYNTH make it effortless to sculpt everything from organic textures to rhythmic madness to vintage sounds.

Version 1.3.3 adds several features and enhancements to ABSYNTH, such as dual processor support in VST, the ability to patch modules without interrupting the sound, and compatiblity with the Absynth PC file format.

New features in 1.3.3:

  • Copy and Paste waveforms and envelopes between presets
  • Sound doesnit stop when editing (like toggling modules in the Patch Window)
  • Absynth VST is Dual Processor compatible
  • Editor windows donit close when changing presets
  • Option for having only one editing window open at a time added (reduces window clutter)
  • Function keys open windows
  • In the envelope editor, absolute time and amp parameters are editable directly (try with pitch envelopes to create melodic sequences)
  • File format is compatible with Absynth PC
  • Master filter envelope works in mono mode
  • "AIFF Import" renamed "Extract from AIFF" and now works with stereo files (reads left channel only)
  • Wave transform windows have a new look and use numberboxes instead of sliders
  • Many minor graphical enhancements

Bug fixes in 1.3.3:

  • Absynth standalone does not have to be installed on the system volume (no more reauthorization problems when launching standalone after using VST)
  • Many small improvements

You can find more information about the ABSYNTH update at the NATIVE INSTRUMENTS Web site. ABSYNTH 1.3.3 is free for registered users, while the full version is available for US$299.00.