ACT! Users Offered Another Upgrade Option

Fresh on the heels of Power On Softwareis announcement that they will be offering a special upgrade path for users of the now defunct ACT!, Chronos has announced a similar deal for those wishing to switch to their product. According to Chronos:

Chronos is pleased to announce an upgrade program for ACT! users looking for a replacement to the venerable personal information manager.

For a limited time, registered users of ACT! can upgrade to Personal Organizer for the special upgrade price of only $29.99. This makes Personal Organizer the least expensive commercial information manager available for ACT! users.

ACT! users can also upgrade to Group Organizer, the client/server version of Personal Organizer, for only $49.99--a full 50% off the regular price.

Personal/Group Organizer includes a complete calendar, address book and word processor in a single program and synchronizes with both the Palm and Visor handheld organizers. Group Organizer offers full TCP/IP or AppleTalk connectivity for users who wish to share information and collaborate over a network.

Those wishing to take advantage of this special upgrade offer must contact Chronos directly. You can find more information at the Chronos web site.

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