AEC Releases New Version Of Project Manager

AEC Software has released a new version of FastTrack Schedule, bringing it to version 8. FastTrack Schedule is a project management app designed to work in tandem with the Palm OS for project scheduling. The latest version features a new interface and improved productivity features. According to AEC Software:

AEC Software today announced the simultaneous release of FastTrack Schedule 8 for Mac OS X and a compatible handheld version, FastTrack Schedule 8 for Palm OS.

FastTrack Schedule 8 delivers new productivity features and precision planning enhancements that blend seamlessly with a bold new Aqua interface. Professionals and project managers using the Mac can now leverage Mac OS X to more efficiently organize, track, and manage projects with FastTrack Schedule 8.

Used in tandem, the desktop and handheld versions of FastTrack Schedule 8 provide a comprehensive project scheduling solution with instant access to project details at all times.

New in FastTrack 8:

  • FastTrack Schedule 8 is built for Mac OS X and takes full advantage of the performance enhancements, simplicity, and elegance of Mac OS X
  • FastTrack Schedule 8 provides superior presentation capabilities with new auto-styles per outline level, millions of new color choices, and QuickTime graphic support
  • The new Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) feature enables FastTrack Schedule 8 users to identify project tasks with customizable numeric or alphanumeric labels, which precisely pinpoint a taskis position within the hierarchy of a project

You can find more information about the new version of FastTrack Schedule at the AEC Software Web site. FastTrack Schedule v.8 is available for US$299.00 and the Palm version retails for US$99.00.