AIM Logging Utility Updated

David Norton has updated his tool for simplifying the process of organizing and examining AIM logs, AIMgadget, to version 2.0. AIMgadget allows users to easily access and view all of their AIM chat logs. According to Mr. Norton:

Today David Norton Media released AIMgadget 2.0. This marks the return of AIMgadget, since davidnorton.netis servers were shut down a few months ago.

AIMgadget is a FREE tool that reduces the process of viewing your AOL Instant Messenger logs to just three clicks - user, buddy, and session. This saves you mounds of time over the old method of navigating through the system folder, finding your logs, and opening them in a text editor.

AIMgadget 2.0 adds many new features, including a much-improved interface, Favorites and History, and the ability to delete buddies and sessions. It is available immediately for Mac OS 9 (Classic). A Mac OS X version will be released once AOL Instant Messenger for Mac OS X supports logging.

AIMgadget is available for free. You can find more information at Mr. Nortonis Web site.