AOL Employee Says Version 6 For OS X On The Way

Somebody claiming to be an AOL employee has posted interesting information in one of our forums. There is currently a thread about AOL and their support for Apple in general, and OS X in particular. One forum poster, Scott, says he is an AOL employee and also claims that a preview version of AOL 6.0 for OS X will be released shortly. According to Scottis forum post:

I work for AOL in the Mac depatment and the answer to everyoneis question is....Yes! AOL will be releasing a new version of AOL for Mac 8/9 & MacOS X. We have been working on the next release of AOL/OS X for about 3 months and we are about a month away from having a PREVIEW release. This version is fully carbon compliant and, although not fully tested under MacOS 8/9, should work with MacOS 8,9 & X.

We, of course, have no way of verifying whether Scott is indeed an AOL employee or not. However, this information does fall in line with earlier reports regarding AOL 6.0, and its future on the Mac.

You can read Scottis full post, and join the discussion, in our forums.