AOL Releases New OS X Client Beta

VersionTracker is reporting that AOL has released a new beta for their OS X client. AOL 5D includes a host of features and improvements, and is only available to AOL users through the AOL service. According to VersionTracker:

Whatis New In This Version:

  • AOL no longer Unexpectedly Quits if Command-Period is used to stop the Online Mailbox from updating.
  • AOL no longer Unexpectedly Quits when a mouse/trackball Scroll Wheel is moved
  • AOL no longer Unexpectedly Quits after giving the message "America Online cannot start" when being launched by a non-Admin Mac OS X user.
  • AOL no longer Unexpectedly Quits when double-clicking on an Address Book entry which lacks name or email address
  • AOL no longer quits during launch without displaying any error message when launched by any Mac OS X user with admin rights other than the user who installed AOL.
  • Installer no longer pauses while attempting to quit other applications before installing.
  • AOL Installer no longer cares if system date/time is correct.
  • The AOL application will launch for users who do not have admin rights
  • Sounds folder now works as designed
  • Dialog box does filter out aliases when presenting upgrade choices
  • "Auto AOL" Sessions will run when "Scheduled"
  • Can compress attachments to email
  • Older classic Plugins (like QuickTime 4.1) no longer get copied into the /Library/Internet Plug-Ins folder.
  • JavaScript alerts no longer disable AOLis ability to be quit normally
  • Folders inside Favorite Places window do have icons
  • Icon is not missing from Attachments field of Email with attached file(s)
  • Address book entries no longer "unselect" themselves immediately after being selected while a Sync is in progress
  • "Notes" field of Address Book now syncs with online host
  • Order of entries in Address Book can be changed manually (using drag & drop)
  • Assigning "Helper" Applications for web browser now works
  • Going to KW Beta using a screen name which is not registered as a Beta Tester now goes to KW Beta Apply
  • Dial 9, or *70, input fields are no longer misaligned on any of the "Add an Access Number" screens
  • Browser now "tunnels" as the Mac 5.0 Refresh software does
  • Browser no longer gives "USER ID FAILED" error if the device connecting to AOL does not have the highest "Port Priority"
  • Address book should "sync" as expected
  • Forward and reverse Alpha-sort of entries in Address Book now function
  • During AOL Dial-up, Connection steps are displayed as designed
  • Inserting a picture/text/hyperlink into Email no longer causes an empty "Untitled" window to be opened
  • History trail no longer stops updating once "full"

You can find more information at the VersionTracker Web site.