AOL Sues Microsoft For Strangling Netscape

Surprize! AOL is suing Microsoft, citing unfair competition against Netscape as proven in the DOJis anit-trust case against the Redmond Giant. AOL, stepping up itis battle against Microsoft, has taken its fight to the courts Tuesday when it filed a 20 page lawsuit in which it claims that Microsoft unfairly competed against Netscape to win dominance in the web browser world. Netscape was purchased by AOL only to be largely gutted in the process. This from the Reuters News article:

"Netscapeis lawsuit is a logical extension of the findings entered by the District Court and unanimously affirmed by the Court of Appeals that Microsoft thwarted competition, violated the antitrust laws and illegally preserved its monopoly at Netscapeis expense," AOL General Counsel Randall J. Boe said in a statement.

Microsoft had this to say about the suit:

Microsoft spokesman Jim Desler said the company had not reviewed the Netscape lawsuit and could not comment on specific allegations but added: "AOL purchased Netscape for $10 billion, now AOL wants to blame Microsoft for Netscape and AOLis own mismanagement."

The Reuters News article, by Jeremy Pelofsky and Andy Sullivan, goes on to detail specifcs about the lawsuit and the ongoing competition between Netscape and Microsoftis Internet Explorer. Take a look.