AP Reviewer: "New iMac Long on Style, Short on Extras"

The AP has published the first mixed review of Appleis new iMac G5 we have seen from a mainstream source. While the reviewer, Matthew Fordahl, likes the iMacis style, speakers, set up, and other features, he is heavily critical of what he thinks is a shortage of RAM, and the fact that it costs extra to use the iMac wirelessly. From the article:

Still, style alone does not a great computer make. Though Apple uses its most capable processor ever, it skimps on memory and other extras. Out of the box, a new iMac is an incomplete masterpiece.

You can finish the job, but itis going to cost you.

The default configurations range between $1,299 for an iMac with a 1.6 gigahertz processor and $1,899 for a 1.8 GHz system. To finish the job, youill have to shell out $75 to double the memory to 512 megabytes; $80 for Appleis Wi-Fi card; $50 for Bluetooth; and $70 each for a wireless keyboard and single-button mouse.

Only after itis fully accessorized - and unsightly cords have been replaced by wireless connections - does the iMac G5 fulfill its promise of an uncluttered, zippy 21st century computer object diart.

And itis something to behold.

Mr. Fordahl goes on to discuss what he sees as the RAM issue in greater detail, as well as more detailed criticism of the wireless issues. You can find the full review at the Victoria Advocate, a newspaper, Web site.