ARTIS Software Now Shipping ARTIS Screen Tools 2.0

ARTIS Software has released a new version of ARTIS Screen Tools, bringing it to version 2.0. Screen Tools is a graphics utility bundle designed for custom screen enhancements. The latest version features new visual guides and other enhancements. According to ARTIS Software:

ARTIS Software today announced the release of a major update to the ARTIS Screen Tools Version 2.0 for Mac OS X. The ARTIS Screen Tools are a collection of four popular utilities, useful for everyone who is designing visual content for on-screen use, like website developers, graphic designers, and photographers.

Version 2.0 adds a new utility called ARTIS Screen Guides. This application displays visual guides on your desktop to help aligning objects in all applications that donit offer guide lines.

All other utilities have been updated, too. The most important improvement has been done to Small Screen: Now this application displays also browser content sizes to help designing web pages for the most popular browsers. The application calculates the safest (smallest) content sizes for all popular browsers on Macintosh and Windows.

You can find more information about the latest Screen Tools release at the ARTIS Software Web site. Screen Tools 2.0 is available for US$9.95.