ARTIS Software Releases Team Task For OS X

ARTIS has released ARTIS Team Task, a software solution for sharing information between members of a group project. ARTIS Team Task allows users to send and recieve messages, tasks, to-dos, ideas, and more. From ARTIS:

ARTIS Software today announced the release of ARTIS Team Task for Mac OS X, an easy-to-use, networked task organizer.

ARTIS Team Task is a peer-to-peer (P2P) application to share tasks, ideas, and to-dois. It concentrates on task management and has a user-friendly Aqua-style interface. It takes task organization to the next level by enabling users to send notes, tasks, or reminders to everyone in their team.

Previously smaller tasks were communicated by short e-mails or even Post-It notes. With Team Task this process becomes much easier and more reliable: After starting ARTIS Team Task colleagues on the local network appear in the team window. To send them notes, tasks, or reminders a user drags a task item onto them.

While ARTIS Team Task is useful for stand-alone use, small and medium sized teams with flat hierarchies, which is typical for the creative professionals market, will benefit most. ARTIS Team Task has been created with these teams of creative professionals in mind. And thatis why we also call it the creative workflow application.

ARTIS Team Task is available now for US$14.95. A shareware version limited to 12 tasks is also available.