ASC Software Releases Update to Astro IIDC v3.01

ASC Software released Friday a free upgrade, version 3.01, of its Astro IIDC software for IIDC Cameras. Version 3.01 enhancements include "Format 7" support, Region of Interest Support, and improved FireWire 800 performance.

Version 3.01 can record up to 240 frames per second with this updateis FireWire 800 optimizations and now supports Format 7 -- which is appearing in more and more high-end IIDC cameras and supports better image manipulation capabilities.

Astro IIDC is of particular interest to professional astronomers and clinical researchers who work with IIDC cameras. IIDC cameras adhere to a specific software protocol so that software developers and scientists can write software for a known architecture.

ASCis expertise includes expertise with AltiVec programming and imaging devices. They are located in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

IIDC for Mac OS X has been shipping since October, 2004. The current version requires Mac OS X 10.3.x or higher, QuickTime 7.1.5, G3 or better CPU, and operates on Intel Macs via Rosetta. The price is US$75.00 for new customers.