ATI Brings Mobility Radeon To Market

After announcing their Radeon graphics card for desktop systems last year, ATI has finally released the mobile version of the powerhouse graphics chip, the Mobility Radeon. Based around their high end technology that supports impressive texture and lighting effects, the Mobility Radeon aims to further strengthen ATIis position in the mobile graphics market. According to ATI:

ATI Technologies today unveiled MOBILITY RADEON, the highest performance, mostfeature-rich mobile graphics processor in the world.<>MOBILITY RADEON introduces ATIis leading edge, critically-acclaimedRADEON 3D graphics processor technology to the portable computingmarketplace, achieving industry-leading performance in that space. Itaffords customers new levels of low power consumption - meaning longerbattery life, and also offers them a number of feature- rich solutions,including user-friendly dual display capability, the smallest footprintthrough the highest level of integration, and multimedia benefits drawnfrom ATIis ALL-IN-WONDER family of products.

Continuing ATIis tradition of developing multiple versions of its mobilegraphics chip products, MOBILITY RADEON is available in four models withflexible memory support - and one driver for the entire product family - tooffer notebook computer manufacturers with a wide range of solutions thatmatch virtually every OEM price and performance point, from high end tovalue systems. MOBILITY RADEON also includes ATIis innovative MCM(Multi-Chip Module) technology, for which the Company is a world leader,shipping more than 10.6 million MCM components to date.

ATIis acclaimed RADEON technology, powering the mobile platformIndustry reviewers have praised ATIis RADEON graphics processor for thetechnological advances it has brought to desktop computer graphics andmultimedia. MOBILITY RADEON now brings those advances to the notebook PCplatform. These advances include ATIis HYPER-Z(tm) compression hardwaretechnology, which improves performance by boosting effective memorybandwidth by more than 20 per cent; PIXEL TAPESTRY(tm) architecture, ahighly-optimized 32-bit color rendering engine that supports three-waymulti-texturing and new 3D effects without compromising speed; Dual DAC(Digital-to-Analog Converter) for cost-effective, independent,multi-monitor support at maximum resolutions; and VIDEO IMMERSION(tm),which provides industry-leading video playback with adaptivede-interlacing, processing of full-frame rate, full-screen DVD andintegrated motion compensation.

Combined with ATIis recently announced TV WONDER(tm) USB EDITION externaltuner, MOBILITY RADEON delivers new levels of multimedia functionality in anotebook PC, providing mobile ALL-IN-WONDER capability in a single package,and eliminating the need for OEM customers to deal with multiple hardwareand software vendors for development and support. Deploying MOBILITYRADEON, the notebook PC platform can perform all the tasks a desktopcomputer can, including video editing, display TV viewing windows, runningthe latest video power games, and operating smooth DVD replay, among anextensive range of the industryis latest applications.

In addition, MOBILITY RADEON further refines ATIis already unparalleledpower management technology, producing the industryis lowest powerconsumption levels -- as low as half a watt, including 8 MB of memory -- intypical 2D, 3D and DVD modes. At the same time, ATI also continues topioneer the industryis advances in multi-display support. MOBILITY RADEONsupports resolutions up to QXGA (Quad Extended Graphics Array) standard(2048 X 1536 pixels), an industry first, bringing a new level of displayresolution and configuration flexibility to the mobile market.

The Mobility Radeon is currently being considered by hardware manufacturers, and is expected to make its way into systems over the next few months. You can find more information at the ATI Web site.