ATI Technologies Apologizes to Apple

As we reported yesterday ATI technologies (ATYT) found itself in hot water at MACWORLD by announcing that Apple would introduce three new PC systems with ATI graphics hardware on board, a new iMac model and two new unspecified Power Mac systems BEFORE the Keynote Address.

This blatant violation of their NDA incited Apple to get medieval on their fanny. Apple had ATIis new Radeon cards, a hot graphics accelerator, jerked from all the Macs in the Apple Pavilion at MACWORLD and ditched the ATI presentation section of Steve Jobsi keynote address. Apple also scratch the Radeon card off Apple Storeis price list at the show.

Today, MacWorld Online is reporting that ATI technology is in damage control mode, apologizing to Apple for the error.

ATI spokesman Brian Chadderton said: "From ATIis perspective, information was erroneously provided to Business Wire. We take full responsibility for that." Chadderton, further expressed hope that the Radeon card might yet find its way into Appleis products and the Apple Store, "Radeon is still on the table. There are still ongoing discussions. Any other comments have to come from Apple."