A Big Box Of Art Gets OS X Support

Hemera Technologies, Inc. is now shipping an OS X version of The Big Box of Art. The Big Box of Art is a collection of digital images including clip art, illustrations, and stock photos. The new version offers OS X support. According to Hemera Technologies:

Hemera Technologies Inc., a world leader in wholly owned, royalty-free digital image content, announced today that they have developed an updated Macintosh® version of The Big Box of Art(tm), providing native support for the Mac® OS X operating system. The Big Box of Art continues to support Mac OS 9.

Mac OS X combines the power of UNIX® with the simplicity and elegance of the Macintosh to deliver an exciting new computing environment. Newly developed for Mac OS X, The Big Box of Art leverages the advanced graphics capabilities and the reliability of this modern operating system.

Originally launched in October 2001, The Big Box of Art is a unique digital image collection with the highest quality and the greatest variety of images available, including Hemera Photo-Objects, clip art, illustrations, professional stock photos, Web graphics and more.

You can find more information about The Big Box of Art at the Hemera Technologies Web site. The Big Box of Art is available for US$69.95.