A Blast Of Nitro For Your PowerMac 7200

Sonnet Technologies is shipping improved versions of the Crescendo/7200 processor upgrade card. The new version includes improved support for 168-pin DIMMs. The company is also shipping new software for the upgrade cards that boost virtual memory support. According to Sonnet Technologies:

Sonnet Technologies ships improved versions of its Crescendo/7200 processor upgrades, achieving compatibility with industry-standard 168-pin EDO or Fast Page Mode 5 volt DIMMs. Crescendo/7200 G3 and G4 PCI cards have always included on-board RAM expansion, supporting a doubling of total system memory. The original Crescendo/7200 had not been compatible with some varieties of DIMMs.

Sonnet is concurrently shipping updated Crescendo/7200 software which supports virtual memory up to the full 1GB supported by the native Mac OS, up from the previous limit of 256MB. The new software version also includes broader support for third party PCI cards.

Once considered impossible to upgrade, a G3- or G4-powered Power Mac 7200 can perform like a modern computer. Crescendo/7200 upgrades boost 7200 performance up to thirteen times that of the original system. Sonnetis Crescendo/7200 G3 and G4 upgrade cards are compatible with the following Macintosh models:

  • Power Mac 7200, 7215, 8200
  • Workgroup Server 7250

The Crescendo/7200 is compatible with Mac OS 7.5.3 - 9.0.4. OS 9.1 support is planned for fall 2001.

You can find more information about compatibility and purchasing at the Sonnet Technologies Web site. Crescendo/7200 starts at US$249.95 for G3 models.