A Christmas Buying Guide for CPUs

AnandTech has just published a Christmas buying guide for CPUs. Jarred Waltonis extensive report provided a detailed comparison of ultra-budget through extreme performance CPUs and gave pricing information at each level. The purpose was to put the price and performance of various Intel and AMD CPUs into perspective for those planning to purchase a new computer this Christmas.

The article is useful for Macintosh customers because it shows where the Intel Core 2 Duos and Xeons fit into the overall hierarchy of CPUs used by the PC community. In addition, the author, very knowledgeable about the various performance issues related to modern CPUs, made some specific and illuminating technical comparisons in each performance class.

In the last section, Mr. Walton discussed CPU upgrades and made a recommendation for the best of class in each market segment. While the buying guide may be too technical for some, itis an excellent source of information for technical professionals who are confronted with a mixed CPU environment and purchase decisions in the workplace.