A Flexible Mac OS X Notepad You Can Fit In Your Pocket

Pocket Software has released PocketNotes 1.0. PocketNotes is a Mac OS X notepad app for outlining and planning and has many features. According to Pocket Software:

Pocket Software is very pleased to announce the release of PocketNotes 1.0. PocketNotes is an easy-to-use, flexible notepad application for outlining and planning. PocketNotes has the following features:

  • A simple but powerful outliner.
  • Notes attach to each item in an outline and support multiple fonts, text colors and images.
  • Multiple skins or looks.
  • Ability to set priorities by item.
  • Multiple outlines in a single notepad using intuitive tab based user interface.
  • Multiple notepads.
  • Search by tab, notepad, priority or text.
  • Set reminders for any item.
  • Make notepads read only or password protected.
  • Customize priorities by tab, notepad or application.
  • Undo support.
  • A links shelf to store web links, email addresses, files, etc.
  • Customizable toolbar.

You can find more information about PocketNotes 1.0 at the Pocket Software Web site. PocketNotes 1.0 is available for download for US$20.00.