A Full Release From The Fourth Dimension

Deep Sky Technologies, Inc. has released a full version of TCP Server Deux 1.0.0. TCP Server Deux is a 4th dimension component which provides cross-platform TCP level serving designed for web developers and administrators. The release ships with several features including multiple protocols support. According to Deep Sky Technologies:

Deep Sky Technologies, Inc., today announced the full release of TCP Server Deux for Macintosh.

TCP Server Deux is a 4th Dimension component which provides a cross-platform, flexible TCP level server. TCP Server Deux allows 4D developers to run one or more higher level protocol servers in a single 4D database without have to code for multiple listeners, threading, messaging, or many of the other functional elements that often complicate custom servers in 4th Dimension.

The functionality available in the TCP Server Deux component includes:

  • Full support for multiple protocols services
  • Server management for any combinations of ports and IP address
  • Settable server throttle greater sharing of CPU
  • Full internal management of TCP listeners
  • Internal management of 4D process for maximum performance
  • Dynamic creation of server services
  • Procedural starting and stopping of all server functionality
  • Compatibility of SSL layer when using ITK v2.5.x or above
  • Customizable hooks for processing requests
  • Compatibility with 4D v6.7.x or above, including 4D v6.8.x
  • Full support for MacOS 8/9 and MacOS

You can find more information about the TCP Sever Deux release at the Deep Sky Technologies, Inc. Web site. A one year TCP Server Deux 1.0.0 developers license is available for US$195.00.