A Little Fun At Intel's Expense: Intel Makes Bogus Claim About P4

Someone at Intel goofed. We all goof at sometime or another, but because this is Intel, we are going to have a bit of fun with the mistake. On the companyis Web site, Intel claims that the Pentium 4 makes it possible to create MP3s at a *higher quality* than the Pentium 3. From Intelis Web site:

The quality of your music improves as well: A Pentium 4 processor creates CD-quality MP3s (192Kbps), as opposed to the FM-quality (64 Kbps) files with a Pentium III processor. For more information, see the performance benchmarks.

With the above quote, Intel is claiming that its new Pentium 4 can encode MP3s at a higher quality than the Pentium 3, which is complete balderdash. Quality is completely processor independent, and only the speed with which one can make a particular quality is effected by the speed or type of processor. We took the liberty of grabbing a screen shot of the offending text "for posterityis sake." The appropriate paragraph has been artificially highlighted in the image.

Click on the thumbnail for a larger image

You can see the page yourself at Intelis site. As of this writing, it still has not been corrected.