A Little Tranquility For OS X Users

TQworld has released their popular game, tranquility (with a lowercase "t"), for Mac OS X. tranquility is a unique game in which levels are dynamically created based on a useris particular playing style. The OS X version is written using Appleis Cocoa framework. According to TQworld:

tranquility transports you to new Realms created just for you.

Your tranquility experience is customized by our TQworld net-servers creating hundreds of thousands of game elements. No two games are the same, and all games are designed to fit your playing style.

When you enter a Realm, the shapes you see are what we call "Platforms". Depending on where and how you approach them, the Platforms move you about the Realm on your quest for a Spinner. Once you have docked with 7 Spinners you have accomplished the level and receive a new game in your Realm. Once you have mastered a particular Realm you are rewarded with a tranquility Card. Each tranquility Card you collect will help you improve your playing style as you proceed.

Our TQworld net-servers not only create your custom Realm, they also score you as you play. Perhaps the most intelligent scoring engine ever created resides inside tranquility. The race is not always to the swiftest in tranquility...and, most certainly, not always to the slowest. tranquility, by its very name, suggests the path that will reward you the most.

But the path to tranquility is not obvious. As you play, you will begin to learn how to explore a Realm and how to dock with Spinners. And, as you do, your customized challenges will be developed for you. You will be able to compare notes with others and see how different personalities are challenged differently in each Realm.

tranquility is a challenge. Youill need to use your mind, your heart and soul to thread your way through each Realm.

The tranquility game, available for download at http://www.tqworld.com has been released in a full Native Mac OS X Cocoa version and includes these enhancements:

  • Players account and scoring work regardless of which version they run (e.g., Mac OS X or Mac OS 9.x)
  • 64 total audio channels (pervious versions had only 32).
  • An improved network environment that is ten times faster than previous versions.
  • Improved support for AltiVec and multiprocessor configurations
  • Random looping on local play levels, and new local play levels included with the download.

tranquility is available for US$24. You can find more information at the TQworld Web site.