A More Creative Way to Shuffle

So youive got your iPod shuffle and are feeling like the coolest kid on the block, except for the fact that everyone who sees your white headphones figures youire just one of the 10 million-plus iPod whatever owners, so you flash the iPod shuffle whenever you can and enjoy the extra attention that it brings you. Well, enjoy that while you can, because in a month a million of these things will be popping out of the woodwork and your shuffle wonit be so special anymore. Unless you learn Japanese and start printing out some nifty iPod stickers (what HP might call "tattoos") for your iPod.

Ok, so the first part is optional (although it might take you several minutes to figure out the site), but the guys at the affectionately named Love iPod mini site have put together an iPod shuffle Sticker UPLoader, that allows you to browse and submit your own creations. Print out these high resolution images on sticker paper (or 2"x4" label paper like I did), break out the scissors (a radial compass blade is also handy), and sticker your shuffle red. Or blue. Or green. Or a combination of those colors.

There are dozens of stickers ready for downloading, although youill have to ignore tha fact that some people have had the tendency to upload their creations three times in a row and that each page only shows six stickers at a time (sometimes without previews). For non-Japanese-speaking surfers, click the button at the bottom of the page to view the next series of stickers. For me, it looks like this (although I have a feeling itis not rendering as it should):

A few samples can be found below, and kudos goes to TUAW for bringing this to light.