A New Place

When weive offered the Cool Waste of Time in the past, weive usually pointed out pointless, strange, eccentric, or humorous Web sites. Time, however, does not have to be spent on frivolous pursuits to be wasted; one can waste hours on introspection, or the study of alternative views.

Often these alternative views take the form of art, be it poetry, music, visuals, or a combination of the three. While some may argue that such endeavors are but a waste of time, few can deny that art, when artfully done, can also be really cool.

So, it is in this context that we offer you this installment of A Cool Waste Of Time.

The Web site of interest this time is called Locus Novus (For those who havenit a clue what that means, Locus Novus loosely translates as Fresh Place, or New Place. Either works in our opinion.) Whatis cool about Locus Novus is...well, what isnit cool about Locus Novus?

The site is dedicated to providing a platform for multimedia artists, and the art that is offered is just so freaking cool that youill want to grab a dark pair of shades, down a cup of espresso, and snap your fingers in agreement.

Cool stuff here!

We especially liked Gymnopédie No. 1, but all of the works of multimedia art are well worth seeing, reading, and listening to.

All we can say is, "Cool, Man! Way cool!"

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