A New Trend In Stock Images

EyeWire Studios is one of the worldis best places to buy fonts and images, whether online at www.eyewire.com, or by phone, using their widely distributed monthly catalogues. Eyewire has been a pioneer in making high quality royalty-free photographic images available at reasonable prices, and it adds new material each month. Five CD collections introduce the new Synergy series.

The Synergy series is the start of a new trend that aims at combining all the known elements of design into whole products that would fit the designeris specific need for a particular project. These collages of photos, type, illustration and film stills can be the solution to meeting (or beating) the ever-shrinking deadline that art directors butt heads with on a daily basis now.

That solution is also quite cost-effective, if only because of the time that the supplier is taking to do the designeris work (by combining the elements into one collage, which would normally take hours of research and decision), not to mention that the price of these collages averages about 30% of the cost of the various elements if purchased individually.

Can one can see the future of the design industry in such a trend? A few years down the road, the suppliers of graphic elements may be asked to make custom collages for clients with a specific message in mind. Then these collages (or very similar ones) would be retailed at a cheaper price to other clients whose projects demand such a combination of design elements. The graphic design race of the future will be about who would be the first to use a certain collage. Weill cross that bridge when we come to it, but design professsionals should be aware of the very interactive future in graphic design that this new trend could be setting.

Each Synergy set contains two CDs which store the images as 42 MB CMYK, 34 MB RGB and 2MB low resolution RGB JPEG files. CDs contain 50 to 100 photos, and are priced at $349.99. Single downloads are $24.95 for low resolution 2 MB RGB image, $79.95 for medium resolution 34 MB RGB image, $149.95 for high resolution 42 MB CMYK image.

These prices are exceptionally reasonable, given the novelty and quality of the images. Below is a sampling of some of our favorite images from the Synergy collection. We have lowered the resolution of these high quality images to make them load rapidly.

You can find more information at the companyis Web site. The company offers single image downlaods as well.