A Preview of Thunderbird 2.0

Thunderbird 2.0 has made improvements in the area of saved searches, message labels, tags and virtual folders, a "move again" function, a new message alert system, and a history of messages viewed. These improvements were described in a "first look" review at Linux.com on Wednesday.

The reviewer also found some problems in that Thunderbird can still only send e-mail via a single SMTP server. Some settings, like POP and IMAP, are deferred in the account setup, and the preference settings remain confusing. The review also noted that Thunderbird still doesnit have good support for importing from popular e-mail programs.

Much more is covered in this thorough review. Thunderbird is becoming a popular alternative e-mail program on the Macintosh. Now that Qualcomm has announced that future versions of Eudora will be based on the Thunderbird technology platform, Thunderbird, which is an open source project, is getting more and more attention. The current release version of Thunderbird for Mac is at the Mozilla Website.