A Remote That Wont Get Lost In The Couch: iTune Remote From Lithe

Lithe Integration is now shipping an iTunes Remote. iTunes Remote is an app that allows access to iTunes features while working from other applications. iTune Remote is designed to be fully customizable and also supports skins. According to Lithe Integration:

Lithe Integration announces iTunes Remote!

iTunes Remote lets you control Appleis iTunes from any application. With iTunes Remoteis floating window you can switch tracks, play, stop, pause, turn the volume up or down, mute the volume, eject a CD, and jump to iTunes itself when you need full access to your playlists.

Only iTunes Remote gives you full control over which buttons you want displayed, and over the windowis orientation (horizontal or vertical). iTunes remote also has contextual menu support for all commands. So, you can have just one button displayed in the window (say the "Show iTunes" button) and still enjoy full remote control of iTunes in a tiny package!

And, iTunes Remote supports skins! Everyone loves the MacOS interface, especially the stunning new Aqua of OSX, but sometimes you want to think (and look) a little different. iTunes Remote skins are quite easy to create, and provide control over how you want your computer to look. Are you the creative artistic type? Submit your skins and I will post them here for everyone to enjoy.

You can find more information about the iTunes Remote at the Lithe Integration Web site. iTunes Remote is available for US$4.00.