A Sincere Plea for Help...from Sierra Leone

"Hello Friend,

My name is Embigga Phatta-Phibyo, son of the late Tella Phatta-Phibyo, Minister of Finance of the The Peopleis Republic Dinkination of Central Africa, and I come to you, humbly, to beg a favor that could render a great service to the people of Dinkination, and perhaps be profitable you to as well..."

If this obviously sincere and well intended plea sounds familiar to you, then you should not feel alone; millions get similar pleas from hundreds of desperate individuals who only seek to help the unfortunate victims of their poor, third world nation. Sadly, there are a few unscrupulous miscreants who flood our e-mail with similar pleas for help, but their only purpose is to relieve you of money.

No, itis true!

So, how does one separate the honest calls for help from the bogus ones? Perhaps if we could see the person asking for help, look him in the face -- in the eyes -- and glean something of his sincerity; maybe then we could know who is who, and what is what. But is such a thing possible?

We knew you would ask that, and our answer is the highlight of this installment of A Cool Waste of Time.

Mr. Bangura, son of the recently assassinated finance minister of Sierra Leone, has prepared a video in which he earnestly petitions you for help. Watch, and we think youill agree that only through the magic of video and the Internet can the sincerity and forthrighteousness be fully ascertained, and that this video demonstrates the old adage that a picture - in this case, a movie, is indeed worth a thousand spams...err...words.


...and sincerity.

Listen carefully, and youill see that this has to be the real deal, because he even pronounces the same misspellings, typos, and grammar mistakes that youive no doubt seen in your e-mail...

In addition to being an extremely Cool Waste of Time, thatis just absolutely brilliant comedy.

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The proper way to Two-step

Mr. Frank should commended for his efforts. (Or at least, committed.)

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