A Sneak Peek At iTunes 2 (With Screen Shots)

When we visited with Bob "The Liil iTunes Book" LeVitus this weekend to look at the iPod, we also got to take a look at iTunes 2. The software shipped with the review unit of the iPod shipped to Bob in the form of version 2.0f13, a version that is not yet final, but is close. With that in mind, some of the features of iTunes 2 might change with the final release. In the meanwhile, we were very excited to see it, and we thought you might be too. Bob was kind enough to send us on our way with some screen shots, including some screenshots of the various iPod-related items, too:

The main iTunes 2 window, the equalizer(!!!!), and the iPod Web page.
This is also one of Bobis main Macs, so feel free to have a nosy look at his desktop.
(Click the thumbnail for a much larger image.)

iPod Preferences, which are accessed from within iTunes 2.
Note the "Automatic Update" setting which may be changing in the final version.
Also note the "Enable FireWire disk use" option.

The iPod Help window, which is also accessed from iTunes 2.
(Click the thumbnail for a larger image)

We saved the best for last: this is the iPod Finder window
when mounting the iPod as a FireWire hard drive.
Note that Bob added some emergency help software in order
to turn his iPod into his portable Mac-Aid Help Device.
A pretty cool idea (that someone else in our forums also suggested).
(Click the thumbnail for a larger image.)

From our quick look at iTunes 2, the new version of the software is just as easy to use as the original iTunes and includes most of the features that users have been crying for since the release of the first iTunes. You can find more information on iTunes 2 at Appleis Web site.

Thanks to Bob LeVitus for his assistance with this article!