A Two-Fer From Applimac

Applimac has released an update for Applimac English-Italian Dictionary and Clean Text. Applimac English-Italian Dictionary 6.2 is a language app for students learning Italian. Applimac Clean Text 2.2 is a text-utility designed to eliminate text formatting for pasting. The updates fix a cosmetic bug found on both apps. According to Applimac:

We are pleased to announce the release of Applimac Clean Text 2.2 and Applimac English-Italian Dictionary 6.2, the latest versions of our products for both Mac OS and Mac OS X. These versions are both free minor updates that mainly fix a cosmetic but annoying bug, and are available for download from our Web site.

Applimac Clean Text is a text-utility that eliminates all text formatting, preparing it for pasting, and amongst other useful features, the program provides easy to use functions to remove empty lines, multiple spaces, forwarding characters from email text, tab characters, and to convert curly
quotes to straight quotes.

Applimac English-Italian Dictionary is an application that combines all the necessary stuff for students learning Italian: a comprehensive and up-to-date dictionary with grammatical notes; a huge phrase book containing thousands of English phrases with Italian translation; an exhaustive business dictionary for helping users to write commercial letters, send emails and make phone calls in good Italian.

You can find more information about the English-Italian Dictionary and Clean Text at the Applimac Web site. Applimac English-Italian Dictionary 6.2 is available for US$24.99, and Applimac Clean Text 2.2 is available for US$14.99.