A Two-Fer From Everyday Software

Everyday Software has released two updates bringing Show Desktop to 1.2, and Carbon Events to 2.5.1. Show Desktop is a desktop utility for OS X users. The update features a minimize function and bug fixes. Carbon Events is a REALBasic plug-in designed to bring OS X functionalities to developers. The update features bug fixes. According to Everyday Software:

Everyday Software is pleased to announce Show Desktop 1.2 and Carbon Events Plugin 2.5.1.

Show Desktop is a small utility for Mac OS X designed to do one thing, show the desktop. Now Mac OS X users can have the best feature in Windows! It has the ability to hide all applications and show all applications by simply clicking on the icon while in the Dock. Version 1.2 adds a "minimize Finder windows" feature when clicked and fixes various

Carbon Events Plugin 2.5.1 is a REALBasic plugin for developers who want to utilize the latest Mac OS X technologies in their REALBasic applications. It allows them to access various features of Mac OS X including: live scrolling, live window resizing, Dock tile menus, sheets and more. Version 2.5 adds Services menu support to the plugin. A maintenance release 2.5.1 was also recently released which fixed a bug when using the plugin in an application compiled for the Classic Mac OS.

You can find more information about the Show Desktop and Carbon Events updates at the Everyday Software Web site. Show Desktop 1.2 is available as freeware, and Carbon Events 2.5.1 is available for US$15.00.