A Two-Fer From Vicomsoft

Vicomsoft has released updates for versions 7 of Internet Gateway and SurfDoubler, bringing them both to version 7.0.5. Internet Gateway is an OS X internet solution, and SurfDoubler is a home networking app designed to split internet connections between 2 or 3 computers. The updates include bug fixes and performance enhancements. According to Vicomsoft:

Vicomsoft are pleased to announce the latest maintenance release of both Internet Gateway and SurfDoubler Version 7 for Mac OS.

Version 7.x of our solutions will continue to be maintained for users of Mac OS operating systems prior to OS X. Version 8.01 of the Internet Gateway is the Vicomsoft OS X solution now on general release.

With 7.0.5 the latest updates include:

  • Fixed a crashing issue when certain long URLis were used with CyberNOT
  • Auto Setup now correctly identifies all configurations which use the Modem Control Panel

You can find more information about the Internet Gateway and SurfDoubler updates at the Vicomsoft Web site. Internet Gateway is available for US$30.00, and SufDoubler is available for US$52.88.