A Two-Fer Update From Bains Software

Bains Software has released updates for Cram Session and Son of Weather Grok. Cram Session is a flash card and memorization study tool designed with unlimited stacks. Son of Weather Grok is a desktop weather tool designed for displaying current and forcasted weather conditions. The updates feature performance enhancements and bug fixes. According to Bains Software:

Bains Software is pleased to announce that new versions of Cram Session (1.1) and Son of Weather Grok (4.2) are now available for download to the general public.

Cram Session is a highly customizeable memorization and study tool that allows you to create "virtual" flashcards that you can edit and view right on your computer.

Changes in this version were mostly based upon customer feedback, and include:

  • The font face and size are now customizeable to suite the useris preferences. The default font is also much larger
  • The quiz window is now resizeable
  • Cram Session will now offer you results for your sessions (i.e. 96% correct)
  • There is now a new "Quiz" mode that will not allow you to retry questions or view the answers until all questions are completed. Flashcard sessions are now available in the "Study" mode
  • Various interface enhancements and improvements

Son of Weather Grok 4.2 is an update to StimpSoftis popular desktop weather program. The biggest addition in this version is the new forecast feature.

Other additions include:

  • A new "Query" feature in which Son of Weather Grok automatically locates weather stations in your area using your zip code. This feature will also work with City & State look-upis, but is far less reliable. (For now, the "Query" feature is only available in the United States.)
  • Various bug fixes
  • Various interface enhancements

You can find more information about the Cram Session and Son of Weather Grok updates at the Bains Software Web site. Cram Session is available for US$6.50 and Son of Weather Grok is available for US$10.00.