A Two-Fer Update From metaobjects Released

metaobject has released updates for TextLightning and PdfCompress, bringing them to versions 2.0.1 and 1.2.4. TextLightning is a PDF to RTF converter designed for document compression. PdfCompress is a compression tool designed for compressing PDF files even further than standard compression sizes. The updates add an updated PDF reader. According to metaobjects:

metaobject announces the immediate availability of new versions of its PDF tools TextLightning (2.0.1) and PdfCompress (1.2.4). The new releases contain an update to the PDF reader common to both programs that improves compatibility with certain PDF files.

PdfCompress, which has received rave reviews from users and a 4.7 star rating (of 5 possible) from pdfworker, applies JPEG compression to photographic images contained in PDF files. This dramatically reduces the size of PDF files produced by Mac OS X that contain images by up to a factor of 10 without visibly altering image quality.

TextLightning is a PDF to RTF converter that preserves significantly more formatting information than other tools and offers unparalleled convenience and ease of use by taking full advantage of the features available in Mac OS X.

You can find more information about the TextLighting and PdfCompress update at the metaobjects Web site. Textlighting 2.0.1 is available for US$20.00, and PdfCompress is available for US$25.00.