Abracode Shipping ClipMasterCM

Abracode has released a new app for Mac users, ClipMasterCM. ClipMasterCM is a utility designed for accessing multiple clipping files. The app features support various file formats including text, movie, and picture files. According to Abracode:

ClipMasterCM is a new Mac OS X software for for easy access to multiple clippings.

It is a solution to a problem of accessing and organizing various bits of frequently used information as text, pictures, movies, sounds, etc. It allows users to save current clipboard content for later pasting.

Users may collect and organize information snippets and have them available with just one click. Since it is a contextual menu plugin users not need to run a separate application - it does not take any space on desktop, menu bar or dock.

You can find more information about the ClipMasterCM release at the Abracode Web site. ClipMasterCM is available for US$10.00.