Absoft, LANDesk, ActiveState and BakBone Software Announce Tiger Updates

Four companies on Tuesday announced product updates for Mac OS X v10.4 "Tiger": Absoft Corp. introduced a High Performance Computing Software Developers Kit (HPC SDK) for the new OS; LANDesk Software added administrative console support for Tiger; ActiveState released new versions of its open source language distributions ActivePerl, ActivePython and ActiveTcl; and BakBone Software introduced a new NetVault product.

Absoftis HPC SDK is a solution for developers who need to compile, run, debug and optimize applications. The tools are optimized for the Power Mac G5 and the Basic Edition includes Fortran 95 and C/C++ compilers from Absoft, the Fx2 Fortran/C/C++ debugger, numerical libraries, and other supporting development tools. Absoft will make the HPC SDK Basic Edition available later this month.

LANDeskis update enables IT administrators to use the LANDesk Management suite and the Safari Web browser to manage their networks. LANDeskis solution offers software distribution, inventory support, patch management and more.

ActiveStateis new language distributions, which are free downloads, are the latest iterations of software that was launched eight years ago. They enable Mac programmers to keep their Perl, Python and Tcl packages up-to-date across Mac OS X, Linux, Solaris and Windows.

BakBoneis NetVault for Mac OS X Server, which will be released in late summer, offers three backup and recovery solutions aimed at small- and medium-sized companies, data centers and education and digital media departments. Its configuration options are flexible, enabling BakBone to meet each customeris unique needs, and it includes the ability to back up heterogeneous NetVault clients, Virtual Disk Library for high-capacity and data-intensive applications, scalable storage through the addition of more clients and full support for Oracle RMAN 10g installed on Mac OS X Server.