Absolutely Fabulous returns to TV with Macs a plenty

Good spotting by Observers Clint and MacZep revealed the presence of an iMac, a Cube, and a Cinema Display in the new series of Absolutely Fabulous, which has been off the air since 1996. The new series screens in the US on Monday eveningss. Says MacZep:

This is first of the 12 new episode since they went off the air in 1996. It has a cult following both in US and UK. It was great to see them back on the air.

Mac sighting (G4 cube and 17" or 22" LCD) on Absolute Fabulous new season on Comedy Channel Monday 9 PM EST. The Cube and Apple LCD Display is in the Eddyis kitchen.

Clint adds:

The newly-released "Absolutely Fabulous" episode, which ran at 9pm Monday night on Comedy Central, contained several shots of the Cube, dalmation-blue iMac, and LCD displays. The scenes took place in Edieis kitchen and office where discussion about Internet shopping drew attention to the Cube, in particular. Since both sets are commonly used past episodes, I suspect weill see more of the Mac in future "Ab Fab" programs!


MacZep was also kind enough to supply the two URLs for the official Ab Fab sites at the Comedy Channel and the BBC.

If you have a Mac sighting, whether itis in film, in print, or on your favourite TV show, let us know!