Accordance Bible Lands PhotoGuide Released

OakTree Software has announced the release of the Accordance Bible Lands PhotoGuide, the latest addition to its extensive line of Bible study software for Macintosh computers. The Accordance Bible Lands PhotoGuide has hundreds of detailed articles describing the most important Biblical locations, illustrated with more than 640 high-quality photographs. According to OakTree Software:

More than just a collection of pictures, the PhotoGuide is specifically designed to be a teaching tool which helps make the Bible come alive. It includes:

    ? Photographs of Biblically significant sites and regions in Israel, Jordan, Syria, Egypt, Sinai, Mesopotamia, Greece, and Rome.

    ? More than 100 photographs of Jerusalem, illustrating how David conquered the city, how Hezekiah prepared for an Assyrian siege, where major events in the life of Jesus are believed to have occurred, etc.

    ? A detailed article on the Hebrew Tabernacle, complete with photographs of a life-size replica of the Tabernacle located at Timnah, Israel.

    ? Photographs of an excavated village at Nazareth complete with walled terraces, watchtowers, a stone quarry, and a winepress dating back to the first century, all of which bears a striking resemblance to Jesusi parable in Mark 12:1.

    ? Photographs of an excavated Philistine temple with two central supporting columns, reminiscent of the temple destroyed by Samson.

    ? Important artifacts, such as a bronze serpent dating to around the time of Moses, a horned altar from Beer-sheba, a silver bowl which may have been used by Nehemiah, important Moabite and Egyptian inscriptions, a relief sculpture of a Canaanite deity, Assyrian accounts of Biblical events, and more.

    ? Pictures of the bema at Corinth where Paul stood trial, and a diagram of a Corinthian temple complete with adjoining dining facilities, which may have sparked Paulis discussion of eating meat sacrificed to idols.

    The Accordance Bible Lands PhotoGuide CD-ROM can be used as a stand-alone, or can be integrated with other Accordance-compatible Bible texts, commentaries, dictionaries, and study aids. It is the perfect complement to the Accordance Bible Atlas, which enables you to exlore the lands of the Bible through two-dimensional maps and three-dimensional fly-throughs.

The Accordance Bible Lands PhotoGuide CD-ROM is available for US$39 and you can find more information about it at OakTreeis Web site.