Acrobat Plug-In Compresses Images

Apago is now shipping an Acrobat plug-in, imageAlter. imageAlter is an image compression utility that downsizes image file size within a PDF file. The app also allows users to switch simply between high rez and alternative images for proofing. According to Apago:

Apago has released a new Acrobat plug-in, imageAlter. This plug-in can repurpose an existing PDF file by downsampling and compressing images inside the PDF file. In addition, imageAlter can greatly reduce the time it takes Acrobat draw the contents of a page by using something new, "alternate" images.

Similar in concept to OPI, alternate images are reduced resolution proxies created from the original images. They are stored inside the PDF file. imageAlter can create, modify and delete alternates. Click on imageAlteris toolbar button switches between the original high-resolution images and the alternates. By viewing the alternates, you can quick proof a high-resolution PDF including imposed signatures, ebooks, and digital editorial and advertising pages.

You can find more information about imageAlter at the Apago Wes site. imageAlter is available for US$249.00.