Action From Start to Finish in 10 Minutes

Puppy Games has announced the release of Super Dudester, an arcade shooter the company promises offers action, and can be finished in 10 minutes.

Puppy Games describes the graphic look of the title as "psychedelic," and the game play as a mixture of exploring, shooting, dodging, and puzzle solving. The playeris goal is to help the Dude escape Dr. Doooomis Bad Trip Machine as fast as possible

"Our latest game is an accessible hardcore shooter, with fun for all abilities," said Caspian Rychlik-Prince, MD at Puppy Games, in a statement. "This time our aim was to produce an action game that can be played inside just ten minutes from start to finish, and which gives a different experience every time for unlimited replayability."

Super Dudester Screen Shot

Other features:

  • 81 crazy levels, each unique
  • An on-line high score table
  • An ever-changing map

Super Dudester is a Java game, and can be played on the Mac, Linux, and Windows, though Puppy Games says it is focusing its development efforts on the Mac and Linux platforms. You can find more information on the title at Puppyis Web site. The game is priced at US$19.95.