ActiveDeveloper 2.14 Features QuickTime Development

InterACTIVE-Technology has released an update for ActiveDeveloper, bringing it to version 2.14. ActiveDeveloper is a software development app designed for runtime creating and testing. The update features QuickTime development and expanded product guides. According to InterACTIVE-Technology:

Today InterACTIVE-Technology released version 2.13 of ActiveDeveloper for MacOS X 10.1 and 10.2 - our Runtime Objective-C & C IDE, JIT compiler and Debugger with support for Cocoa and now also QuickTime.

The ActiveDeveloper IDE cuts your API learning curve and allows incremental Development of your Project. With ActiveDeveloper you get an Incremental Objective-C IDE that allows you to build and re-build NATIVE apps and servers directly at Runtime - while they run. Thereby bringing you a lot closer to the Objects you work with ...

Along with Cocoa, ActiveDeveloper v2.14 now also support developing QuickTime applications in Objective-C. There is a new QTMovie example implementing a simple QuickTime Movie Player - to show you how it works.

ActiveDeveloper v2.14 also has a new third release of the "ActiveDeveloper User Guide" covering both how to use the ActiveDeveloper IDE with the pre-cooked manual demos contained in the download package, and how to make it work for you on your own Objective-C Projects.

You can find more information about the OS X ActiveDeveloper release at the InterACTIVE-Technology Web site. ActiveDeveloper 2.14 is free for registered users, while the full version is available for US$99.00.