Ad Agency Consultant Recommends Changes in Creative Manager Pro 8.2

Creative Manager, Inc. on Monday announced that version 8.2 of its Creative Manager Pro software offers improvements based on advice provided by ad agency consultant Tony Mikes, of Second Wind Network. Based on Mr. Mikesi recommendations, this upgrade offers redesigned billing worksheets that account executives can now electronically modify and send back to accounting for final review and billing.

The company said in a statement that Mr. Mikes suggested the change because "the turnaround time of billing worksheets is one of the top three issues that affect the financial success of an ad agency." Other modifications in this upgrade include an expanded input screen for broadcast orders, an expanded link with Strata and Strata Plus, a new client invoices tab that reveals orders, the ability to specify custom date ranges on timesheets, and more.

This is a free update for existing customers.

Creative Manager Pro is a Web-based application that works on both PCs and Macs from any location and over any connection. It helps ad agencies manage contacts and leads, chart important statistics, create project schedules and task lists, approve such paperwork as timesheets and budgets, review and approve artwork, balance the books and more.

Potential customers can try out an online test drive of the software before spending US$39 per user per month (with a five-user minimum) on the hosted version, which is a subscription-based model with a one-year agreement. The company also offers Creative Project Manager, which runs $35 per user under the same terms but leaves out the accounting functions. For details on the purchased version, contact Creative Manager Inc. for more information.