Add 3D Flair To Digital Images

Kazoo3D has announced the release of KazooStudio. The new application allows users to insert 3D models directly into images captured from digital cameras. The applications allows users to easily spice up their digital photography. According to Kazoo3D:

Kazoo3D are pleased to announce a Mac release of KazooStudio, our freesoftware to allow users to insert 3D models into photos from digitalcameras.

KazooStudio allows users to share these 3D-enhanced images with familyand friends, or send them to a photo-finishing site to be incorporatedinto a gift.

A wide range of models are available from the KazooStore, all of whichcan be rendered by KazooStudio in a variety of unique and expressivestyles.

KazooStudio is available for free. You can find more information at the Kazoo3D web site.