Add ATA100 Support To Any PCI Mac With New Expansion Card

Miglia Technology has released a new ATA100 PCI card for Macs called the Alchemy ATA100 PCI. The PCI card allows Mac users to add additional internal ATA100 devices to their Macs. According to Miglia Technology:

Miglia Technology, today announced the latest addition to its Alchemy range of PCI expansion cards the Miglia Alchemy ATA100 PCI card for all PCI based Apple computers and clones.

Miglia Alchemy ATA100 PCI enables users of PCI based Macs to gain additional storage options at a fraction of the cost of the standard SCSI based architecture. Using the ATA 100 connectivity standard, the Alchemy ATA100 PCI card from Miglia guarantees 100 Megabytes/second bandwidth on each of the cards two channels. The Alchemy ATA100 PCI (IDE) card allows you to connect up to four hard drives, CD-ROMs, CD-RW or DVD drives.

The Alchemy ATA100 PCI card is also compatible with PCI PowerMacs 4400 to 9600. This allows the users of these machines to add lower cost storage and with gain a 1000 % bandwidth increase over the standard built-in SCSI-2 interface. On a PowerMac G3 the bandwidth increase will be between 300% and 625% depending on the number of channels utilised.

It is possible to boot on a hard drive attached to the Alchemy card making the Alchemy ATA100 card and a relatively cheap IDE drive the perfect choice for users wanting to upgrade to OS X at a cost effective price point. The Miglia Alchemy ATA100 card works with MAC OS 8.6 + including Mac OS X.

The Alchemy ATA100 PCI card requires no additional drivers, working seamlessly with the Mac OS (even OS X). Once installed the Mac OS simply recognizes the card and an additional interface card (SCSI), the user can then attach the required IDE devices.

Compatible Macs

  • 4400, 6400, 6500, 7200, 7300, 7500, 7600, 8200, 8500, 8600, 9500, 9600 and clones
  • PowerMac G3 Beige
  • PowerMac G3 Blue & White
  • PowerMac G4

You can find more information on Alchemy ATA100 PCI card at Migliais Web site. The product is priced at ¤179 or US$149.