Add Layers To PDF Documents

Latana has released a new Acrobat plug-in that allows users to add layers to PDF documents, Stratify PDF. The new plug-in gives PDF designers some of the same levels of control and flexibility found in graphic creation programs such as Adobe Photoshop and Macromedia Fireworks. According to Latana:

Today, Lantana announced Stratify PDF, an Acrobat plug-in that adds another dimension to PDF documents layers. Now you can create named layers and move existing objects on to them, or take existing pages and make them layers of another page. Stratify PDF also allows you to show or hide layers and to merge layers.

Stratify PDF is great for publishers and designers to create and maintain different versions of their work. Some typical applications might be creating a display ad with the products on a common layer and the prices for each locale on different layers, or creating a brochure with the artwork on one layer and English, French, German, and Spanish commentary on different layers. Other examples might include using layers for ad insertion instructions for different newspapers and magazines, or for catalogue pages for carrying alternate product offerings for different demographic criteria.

"Stratify PDF provides one of the missing elements in a PDF workflow" stated Gary Armstrong, Lantanais CEO. "Now you can create different versions with alternate images and content embodied in a single document."

Stratify PDF is available for US$249. You can find more information at the Lantana Web site.