Addonics Now Shipping ATAPI/IDE To SCSI Converters

Addonics Technologies is now shipping SCSI converters and controllers. The ATAPI/IDE to SCSI converter is designed to turn a ATAPI or IDE device in to a high performance SCSI type drive. The SCSI LVD 160 is a an ULTRA160 single channel host controller. According to Addonics Technologies:

Addonics Technologies today announced a pair of SCSI solutions, which convert common ATAPI devices and IDE hard drives to high-speed SCSI devices on all Windows, Macintosh, and Linux-based computers.

Addonics also announced its Addonics SCSI LVD160 controller -- a high performance single channel Ultra160 SCSI PCI host controller with 160MB/sec. data throughput.

The Addonics ATAPI to SCSI and IDE to SCSI converters make high-speed SCSI throughput affordable for any system. Users having difficulty sourcing SCSI storage devices or reluctant to invest in higher-priced SCSI drives can convert common ATAPI and IDE devices to SCSI drives.

With the Addonics ATAPI to SCSI converter low-cost ATAPI devices such as DVD-R/RW, CDRW, DVD, CD-ROM, ZIP or Magneto Optical (MO) drives immediately become a SCSI device. There are no drivers to install and the converter works with any operating system. The converter also supports SCSI performance up to the Ultra LVD80 SCSI standard, ensures maximum performance of the fastest ATAPI drive as well as minimizing any impact on the performance of other devices in the SCSI chain.

You can find more information about the converters and controller release at the Addonics Technolodies Web site. The converters are available for US$99.00 for the IDE to SCSI, and US$109.00 for the ATAPI to SCSI. The SCSI LVD 160 controller is available for US$169.00.