Adobe Announces InDesign Server CS2

Adobe announced InDesign Server CS2, a system for automating design workflows, on October 17. InDesign Server CS2 will let third party developers create highly customized and automated workflow systems as a part of a server based publishing tool for professional designers.

InDesign Server focuses on improving the efficiency of variable data publishing, editorial workflows, collateral creation and web-based design. It supports standard scripting languages like AppleScript and JavaScript, as well as plug-ins from other companies.

InDesign Server is designed to run on Mac OS X Server 10.3 and 10.4, but individual workstations will not require Appleis server product.

Unlike other Adobe products, it will be available only through companies that create publishing solutions built on InDesign Server. Cacidi, MEI, Peter Schmidt Group, Sansui Software, SoftCare Software-Service GmbH, XMPie, Wave2, and WoodWing Software have products in development as a part of Adobeis pilot program.

Product pricing will be determined by the individual developers based on the products they create.