Adobe CFO Hopes Photoshop 7 Will Lure Pro Photographers, Touts "Runs On Mac OS X"

Dow Jones has published a short mention from Adobeis CFO that includes a favorable reference to Mac OS X. Murray Demo, Adobeis CFO, says that Adobe thinks that Photoshop 7 might attract professional photographers (i.e. film-based photographers) to computers. Mr. Demo also touted the fact that Photoshop 7 runs on Mac OS X as reasons to expect follow-on sales of other Adobe products such as Illustrator. The short piece from Dow Jones:

Adobe Systems Inc. hopes to attractive [sic] professional photographers to its new Photoshop 7 now that the quality of digital cameras is fast approaching that of traditional film cameras, said Murray Demo, chief financial officer.

Speaking at the JP Morgan H&Q technology conference, Demo said Photoshop 7, released last month, has features to attract professionals. It also is written to run on Apple Computer Mac OS X operating-system software, which should help trigger follow-on sales of other Adobe products, such as Illustrator, he said.

You can find the original report at Yahoo!is financial Web site.