Adobe InDesign CS3 Feature Preview

In a move that is very unlike Adobe, the company has revealed some of the upcoming features planned for the next release of Adobe InDesign. Users probably wonit be able to get their hands on the official product until Q2 of 2007, but at least now we have some idea of what to expect.

David Blatneris offers a sneak peak inside InDesign CS3. Improved control over transparency is at the top of the list, bringing InDesign up to speed with Illustrator and the freshly released QuarkXPress 7. Photoshop-style effects can be applied to any object, including text.

You can select multiple text or graphic files in the Place dialog. Once you have several items loaded, you can drop them - one at a time - into object frames.

Adobe also reconfirmed that InDesign CS3 will be a Universal Binary application, and the demonstration Mr. Blatner saw was performed on a MacBook Pro running InDesign natively.

Adobeis feature announcements are sure to heat up the InDesign versus QuarkXPress battle even more, which should work out in our favor. Some healthy competition between the two page layout powerhouses is likely to result in better products for designers, no matter which side of the fence they are on.